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Friday, June 09, 2006


I AM glad at the way things have turned out, at the end of the day

I WANT to fulfill my potential (I know it's around here somewhere)

I WISH I could be a little less like I am and a little more like I'd like to be

I MISS the days before my grandfather got alzheimers

I WONDER what career I should go for

I REGRET not keeping in contact with Glod. We need to go to a renaissance fair, just like old times!

I AM NOT as good as you probably think I am

I DANCE like a monkey on LSD

I AM NOT ALWAYS the tolerant, left-wing kinda guy I think I am

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS because my toes are too short to be useful

I WRITE but not nearly as much as I think of writing

I CONFUSE just about everybody

I NEED to let it all out

I SHOULD get into this whole revising business. Seems to me like I'm missing out on something pretty important

I START when others miss their cue

I FINISH occasionally

I TAG everyone in the known universe, even if you don't want to be, and especially if you've already done this


Blogger aBitWicked said...

a monkey on lsd huh? hahhaah

4:46 PM


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