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Friday, June 02, 2006

Phone, you so broke

Today I threw my phone a good twenty feet skywards to see what would happen when it came into contact with the McArthur Glen Mansfield (even though it's closer to Derby) car park. It takes not an extravagant stretch of the imagination to conclude that it rather quickly became four smaller parts of a phone. The truly terrifying part came when it was reaching the apex of it's flight, as it slowed down and I realised that I was never going to catch that even if I tried really hard, and that I was never going to try really hard, or at all. It must have remained at the peak of it's journey for a good few minutes (oh, how the mind distorts) and the feeling of helplessness as it clacked onto the concrete pushed walls of fear into my stomach. I hastily ran to the scene of destruction and retrieved what remained of my phone. Then I rebuilt it. It was quite easy, but then I realised that the guard over the camera lens had dropped out, as had the button to make it be on or off. Fortunately, it looks a lot cooler now the camera is on full display and I should always have something with which I can turn it on or off. Which is good. The back doesn't come off as easily as it used to and it sometimes turns itself off. The '1' button doesn't always work, nor does the little joystick thingy. It's a bit scratched. Photos next week (parents in Prague so they took the camera with them, selfish commies)


Blogger Azathoth said...

Heh. Sometimes I feel like throwing mine from the roof, straight down. Dang cells. They are just another sign of evil in the world.

4:05 AM

Blogger Paranoid Android said...

I hear that. And yet I'm strangely fond of my old phone, so much so that I'm still gonna keep it, at least until it completely stops working and no amount of improvised repair-work can help it

1:14 PM

Blogger aBitWicked said...

i ran mine over with my car... (twice). that cell was a tough cookie... i miss it

4:45 PM

Blogger Paranoid Android said...

Do you still have it? Can you e-mail it to me?

8:49 PM


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