In hiding!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


But not yet. For I'm currently spending some time in a vegetative yet contemplative state, enjoying the scenery, where ever that may be.

Though come September seventh I hope to attain a newly arisen energy and will drag my talent reluctantly to new found depths of ingenuity and unfathomability as I embark on a new life, which I hope I will manage to drag out for several years.

But until then, the parts of the blog I normally birth, will remain fallow.

I leave you infinite cats, in a more poignant ending than Mark Cross'.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The state of the modern family is terrible. My father's idea of "bonding" is now to try and find his son's blog using google against his son's very much expressed wish for him to bog off and mind his own ego.

Luckily due to a lack of commitment when it comes to previous blogs, all he found was this, so enjoy, the first link being something of mine.

The last link is worrying, so I'd better go censor that post before someone tries a stunt like that again.

Are you still looking to adopt, Ava (and I quote: "Can I adopt you?" and "I'd love to have a kid like Glod, who at age X is incredibly witty, creative and likes to blog")?

I've heard that only Mexicans eat blue food.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Make Me Your Leader

Look at all the good things I'm doing for you people, improving your experience and what not, you know I deserve it:

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will make sure that our
product development team receives your feedback. We are always trying to
improve the Blogger experience.


Blogger Support

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From: "{U 3007844 B 0}"
Subject: Spellchecker lunacy
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Why does the spell checker not recognise "Google", "blog" and most

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

GPS Redundant, Shock Revelation

Clearly you can see by now that I successfully found, dun dun dun, the GeoCache (see previous post, why don't you)!

Whilst others manage by over reliance on the US military and it's satellites, I based my whole plan on the fact that if you looked from space (courtesy of Google Earth) co-ordinates 53.121883, -1.2028 appear to be led to buy an elongated clearing leading from a particular road (go on, check it now, I'll wait for you).

The plan was, for a while, cast into serious doubt when the particular road turned out to stop, minus wood. But it just turned out to be the local council playing silly-buggers with their steam rollers and tarmac.

It felt good to find the wood, and then the clearing, and then the burnt out car, and then the ammunition box.

Tomorrow I plan to find another (this time in a tupperware container, how exciting!) and, through the power of, rid my self of my least favorite purchase.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Glod is back.

And loves you all very much. Last week was spent on yet another holiday, and I'm in the process of writing up both into a new blog (thank you Ned) with nice pictures, all as part of my master plan for breaking into the world of authorship (my plan for showbiz involves selling the small child and vacuum cleaner saga to a certain "science" show, and promising to reproduce it, despite the fact that I hate to lower myself in such ways).

But for now.

Guess whom's planned to find their first geocache tomorrow?

Me, of course, silly.

My nearest geocache is a mere 4 mile walk away, and I am giddy from anticipation.

Unfortunately I do not own a GPS device.


Not to worry though, we have the cumulative power of Google Earth, maps, and a certain biro that happened to be lying around:

Wish me luck.