In hiding!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

One million billionth of a nanosecond on a sunday morning

I went to Nottingham with Melissa on sunday and I couldn't find any of these shoes to try on. She also wouldn't go in any of the shoe shops with me. Which I thought was perhaps the teeniest bit mean. But hey, what can you do? College just keeps getting better as I keep making new friends, including Max ('I can breakdance, honest'), Tom ('Yeah'), Henry ('Like, totally awesome dude') and Jenna ('So I was like, isn't it awfully nice to have a penis, I'm so terrified'). Soundgarden also keep getting better, as I keep listening to Louder Than Love and it keeps showing hidden depths and stuff. Maybe I should write about it for my next freak scene post. Maybe someone should look at it. Just maybe. That list of 100 things about myself should be done in about a week. Buh bye.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Glod is quite possibly the most cultured student at his school. Even more so perhaps then the girl who wore a french Pokemon t-shirt (Attrapez Les Tous!).

I've managed to have seen The Battle of Stalingrad (in marionettes), eaten enough lobster to be sick of it, and now I've seen an Opera. It was a big beefy affair, with surtitles and groping and innuendo (though no-one in the audience sang along). Luckily I was well equipped, having just completed my eleven years studying English I was able to say such things as "I see people don't watch for the plot, it's nearly as bad as Shakespeare"(I think I may of hurt someone's feelings with that one) and "Perhaps the leading female's emotionless performance was intentional as a subtle cynicism of Leander's infatuation".

Before you all go applauding the British education system, I should point out that I mainly learnt to write fluff with certain words in it inorder to knock up points in an examination, and that most of what I know came from the introduction my copy of Romeo and Juliet (who's to know where "Marred by romantic sensationalism" came from?)

More is to follow, but I need to pace myself.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Thank you for calling

I've started saying 'buh-bye' instead of bye, see ya, ta-ra, toodle-oo, or any other strain of goodbye. I feel like I'm working in a call centre, but at the same time, I also feel gloriously immature. I've ordered Goo Deluxe Edition off Amazon and I can't wait because it'll be here tomorrow (probably). I mean, it has a song called 'Blowjob' on it, it's bound to rock! I'm going to see the Kaiser Chiefs in a couple of weeks and then in november it's Bob Dylan time, yee-haw! I'm also flat broke but that doesn't matter because I feel so gosh darn happy! I might have a stalker but I think it's more likely to be an admirer and even more likely to be a friend who's only ever seen me twice and that was months ago and he wants to see me again cos he misses me, ain't that just the sweetest thing you ever heard? I'll see what him and Tufty (my best friend at college who left after a week and a half so now I've had to get a new best friend at college and he's a pagan and he gave me a really old sweatband) are doing in a couple of weeks, maybe in half term, yeah that works, so we can go to Nottingham and go to Selectadisc and stuff and junk and yeah. Who's better, Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones? Cos I like Zeppelin better, they're the best british band ever in my humble pie of an opinion, uh-huh.